Space 2R2 at LA Art Show 2024
2 min readFeb 14, 2024


At the Edge of Existence: Echoes of Surreal Fantasy

Exploring Surreal Depths: A Journey through LA Art Show 2024

We’re thrilled to announce our participation in LA Art Show 2024, where we’ll be showcasing a curated selection of contemporary artworks by Korean artists, alongside digitally transformed art and NFTs supported by Samsung Smart TV.

At LA Art Show 2024, Space 2R2 extends an invitation to spectators to immerse themselves in a surreal realm where technology and art seamlessly intertwine, where dreams meld effortlessly with reality, and where the echoes of the past blend harmoniously with the present.

5 Artists with 35 Masterpieces

Works by esteemed artists such as Lee Jinhyu, Sung Taejin, Lee Sukju, Yoon Songa, and Shin Jehyun beckon viewers to journey through surreal dimensions, embracing cutting-edge technology while prompting profound questions about the surreal aspects of human nature. These artworks serve as aesthetic portals for contemplation, inviting observers to delve into multidimensional realms of fantasy with dreamlike depth and refined appreciation. We will cover each of the artists in our next posts. Stay tuned!

2R2 with LA Art Show

As we actively participate in the sectors of traditional art, our vision of bringing more art enthusiasts to the Web3 space is being accomplished. Not only that, we are interacting with 2R2 point system to make art more enjoyable. By our participation to LA Art Show, we plan to create the very first representative of how digital currency can boost art and collectors at the same time.

LA Art Show Time Table

  • SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18 12PM — 6PM (GMT-8)

Find us at LA Art Show!

SPACE 2R2 by ArtToken (2024 LA Art Show Booth #413/512)

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