2R2 Points: Unlocking the Secrets of This Game-Changing Concept

2 min readJul 19, 2023


2R2 RP Reward System

2R2 has implemented a reward system that effectively amplifies the enthusiasm and support of NFT collectors, making them crucial contributors within the community. This system benefits both artists and collectors, fueling excitement and enhancing the overall experience.

There are 4 different reward mechanisms in 2R2:

  • Daily Reward — Gain RP with one simple click every day
    ➡️Connect wallet on https://2r2.io/
    ➡️Click your profile in the top right corner of the website and click “Daily Faucet”
  • Voting Reward — Vote on your favorite artwork with RP and earn even more RP
    ➡️Browse through NFTs in the “Artworks” section
    ➡️Click your favorite NFT to see the details and find a “R” logo to vote
  • Holding Reward — Hold NFT and earn RP, the more you hold the more you gain
    ➡️Simply hold on to your purchased artwork
  • Collector Reward — Buy an NFT and earn RP proportional to votes
    ➡️Purchase any artwork that is minted with ETH

These rewards can be obtained through users’ active contributions or engagement to the platform. As you might have noticed, these reward mechanisms are closely connected to direct users to experience the overall features of 2R2.

So What’s up with RP?

As RP plays as a main currency in the 2R2 ecosystem, we are striving to create features where users can get incentivized by utilizing collected RP.

This month in July, one of these features is set to be released, offering remarkably generous rewards that are bound to generate significant excitement among users. Stay tuned!

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